Branding, web design and livery


Refali is a specialist installer of Reflok air conditioning and refrigeration system piping. Reflok's interlocking aluminium piping joints require no brazing, unlike their copper counterparts, providing an array of benefits in sensitive commercial areas.

Refali's logotype uses an uppercase version of Reflok's font with 'ALi' outlined for aluminium as a subtle reference to Reflok's interlocking system. The Pantone blue was carefully selected from the Color Bridge booklet to limit potential inconsistencies in Pantone and four-colour print runs. As a vibrant and strong, highly industrial-looking visual identity, it will hold its position against competitors.

With a very minimal budget in mind, I produced a smooth scrolling single-page parallax website, outlining their services and providing a web presence.

Refali Staionery Mockup
Refali Brand Guidelines Logotype Page Mockup
Refali Parallax Web Page Demo
Refali Livery Front and Rear
Refali Livery Side Profile