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Brochure design and art direction

Status Seating

Status Seating manufactures a variety of chairs in a number of different configurations. They required a brochure to not only highlight but also compare the features and options of their product range.

The main issue was creating a set of feature images on a modest budget. Image-comping the chairs into suitable backgrounds was the most viable solution; the upholstery was hand-picked to complement the surroundings.

The brochure's clean layout and subtle design features improve readability and usability, while generously sized product shots help support the information. Plenty of white space allows the pages to breathe.

Status Seating Brochure Cover
Status Seating Torus Hero Image
Status Seating Kuhla & Mantle Brochure Spread
Status Seating Kuhla & Mantle Hero Image
Status Seating Manufacturing Brochure Spread
Status Seating Cpod Hero Image
Status Seating Cpod Brochure Spread
Status Seating Zen Hero Image
Status Seating Brochure Comparison Spread